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1. What is Revolution Youth?
Revolution Youth is the youth ministry of Rock Family Church of Colorado Springs ( and is designed for today’s 6th-12th grade students. Every Revolution Youth service is designed to meet the needs of today’s teenager. Regardless of their past or current situation, whether or not they feel hurt, depressed, frustrated, or confused, they can find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance, and encouragement. As they continue to return, they will continue to know who God is, His plan for their lives and will receive the truth and love they need. We are "Reaching a Generation Starting a Revolution."

2. Why should my teenager be a part of Revolution Youth?
We are a Family. We genuinely love and care for one another no matter what.

We are a Team. We support, encourage, and strengthen each other.

We are an Army. We serve each other by willingly putting others needs above our own.

We are Revolution. We fight for every ONE to bring them to know the saving love & power of Christ.

3. Why is the worship, prayer, and preaching at Revolution Youth so passionate?
Revolution Youth is passionate about everything we do because we understand that everything we do is for God. We live to please Him and want to show and share that passion with every teenager that comes through our doors.

4. Who can attend Revolution Youth?
Revolution  Youth is for 6th-12th grade students. If you have graduated high school, we would invite you to check out the young adult group that meets every First Friday. More information can be found at We want the parents of our teenagers to feel comfortable and confident that they are in a safe environment. Parents are always welcomed to attend Revolution Youth. We only ask that parents check in so that our staff and other adults can identity you.

5. Who is in charge at Revolution Youth?
Matt & Jeannie Sherman serve as Revolution Youth Pastors and also have a tremendous volunteer leadership team in place.

6. Is there a dress code at Revolution Youth?
We understand that many teenagers that visit our ministry are “unchurched” so no one will be turned away because of the way they are dressed. Please come as you are.

7. Are there any rules at Revolution Youth?
Of course! Any place worth going has some rules. Our rules are few and simple.
- Respect God by not disrupting the service.
- Respect each other by not fighting, using profanity or use of Public Display of Affection (Holding hands, arms around each other, kissing, etc.)
- Respect yourself by not drawing excessive attention to yourself.
- Respect the law by not having alcohol, weapons, tobacco, vape, e-cigarettes, or illegal drugs on church premises.
- Respect the youth staff by listening and following their instructions.
- Respect the church and youth facility by cleaning up after yourself.

8. Do I need to become a member to be involved at Revolution Youth?
Students do not need to be members to be involved. Although at Rock Family Church, we do encourage membership for teens. For adults to serve, the Belong 301 class must be completed along with a background check & application process.

9. Can I attend Revolution Youth's activities even if I’m involved at another church or youth ministry?
Absolutely! If you are committed somewhere else, we would love to have you visit with us and build relationships. Christians are supposed to do that kind of thing anyway. But make sure your commitment to your church stays intact. We’re not trying to steal people away from other ministries.

10. How is Revolution Youth funded?
YOU are the answer to this question! With your regular giving, Revolution Youth can continue to serve teenagers in Colorado Springs and beyond. CLICK HERE to give & then select Revolution Youth.

11. How can I stay updated with all that is going on with Revolution Youth?
Revolution Youth sends out a weekly email which contains information on upcoming events, message series and great articles to parenting teenagers. To sign up, you can email me at
You can also check out the Revolution Youth Facebook page

12. Still have questions?
You can contact Matt Sherman at the church office by calling 719-531-6600 or by email at


For some incoming 6th graders, entering into youth ministry can be intimidating while others can hardly wait. Our leadership team is very aware of the feelings your child may have. In order to ease the transition, as the school year is coming to a close the leadership team members will make regular visits to the 4th-5th grade class to answer questions and get to know your 5th grader. We will also make sure your child has the opportunity to meet other students.

We will also invite the 5th grade students to join jvRev prior to graduation .

Parents, as always you are welcomed to attend with your child or observe the service they attend. You know your child best, so please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you in teaching your child.